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Welcome to Renees Kids World"Where All Children Excel!"

Welcome to Renees Kids World"Where All Children Excel!"Welcome to Renees Kids World"Where All Children Excel!"


Skills teachers (and parents) should help preschoolers develop for Pre-K ready to succeed:


Fine motor skills.

Children in this class are provided with activities that involves cutting using child-sized scissors, a skill that is vital for young learners. Other activities include, beading, using crayons, spooning, tonging, and others that can help build fine motor skills so their little hands are truly ready to write when the time comes.

Listening skills. 

“My child (or student) doesn’t listen.” Have been stated by parents for more than a decade. Renee’s Kid’s World believes the best way to teach a child to listen to you is by listening to them. Additionally, the teachers make sure to give short multi-step directions, read them stories on topics they are interested in, and teach whole body listening.


Basic needs. 

Learning to take care of their own basic needs, such as setting up lunches, putting on their own jacket, and eventually tying their own shoes, fosters independence in even the youngest preschoolers.

Social skills and conflict resolution.

Preschool is the perfect time to help children learn how to get along with others, to share, to take turns, and to work through conflict peacefully.

Free, unstructured play.

And let’s not forget the playground which becomes a command center for preschoolers pretending to build a village in the future where everyone has a flying car. A piece of paper and an art set can become a masterpiece of mermaids swimming in an ocean, looking for a lost, magical jewel. Both examples are real-life experiences with preschoolers of Renee’s Kid’s World who were given unstructured playtime and free use of art materials.

Children need to explore without the limitations adults sometimes place around activities. As much as possible, the teachers just keep their hands behind their back, resist the temptation to direct every single activity and let them develop. 

You will be amazed at what they can do all by themselves!