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Welcome to Renees Kids World"Where All Children Excel!"

Welcome to Renees Kids World"Where All Children Excel!"Welcome to Renees Kids World"Where All Children Excel!"

Preschool Tigers (Four-Year-Old Class)

The Preschool Classroom is where the children are being prepared for the transition to Pre-K.


  • Literacy: Here, children explore the world of books and feel      safe and secure as they are introduced to reading. Brightly illustrated      children's books are displayed on low shelves. In front of them, children      are curled up on a rug with the books they have selected. They lounge      against large, comfortable, multicolored cushions as a teacher helps them      sound out words. Children with headsets listen to tapes of stories,      following the pictures in their books. Others gesture intently as a      teacher reads a favorite story.

  • Dramatic play or housekeeping: Children experiment with different roles as they      explore the familiar and the unknown through pretend play. This area is      filled with props and dress-up clothes to encourage imagination. One day      it might be a kitchen with a play stove, sink and dishes; the next day it      might be a post office, restaurant, or airplane. Children learn to work      with other children to share and to make compromises. (Who gets to be the      mother? The father? The baby?)

  • Blocks: Two children are working together to build "the      highest tower in the whole world." A girl is constructing a bridge,      and a boy is loading little people into cars for a journey over the girl's      bridge and down the road he has just completed. Wooden blocks of different      sizes and shapes are arranged on shelves along with small cars and an      assortment of "little people" to encourage children to build      replicas of their world or creations of their imaginations as they      practice symbolic representation. They are developing an understanding of      the relationships between size and shape, and the basic math concepts of      geometry and numbers.

  • Art: Here are the raw materials for creativity — colored      paper, crayons, markers, tape, paste, safe scissors — set out on shelves      and tables. One child is tracing the outlines of leaves; another is      cutting out shapes and pasting them in patterns on colored paper. A third      is painting at an easel, and a fourth is making a hippopotamus out of      playdough. Art projects may be done either independently or simultaneously      as a class activity. Children are developing small-muscle control and      hand-eye coordination, as well as creativity.

  • Large motor: Children crawl through tunnels, climb and balance, hop      and jump, and bounce and dribble balls, developing coordination, balance,      and large-muscle control. Some classrooms have an area designed specially      to encourage the use and development of large muscles. Other preschools      will have a separate room with tunnels, balls, and climbing equipment.

  • Rug: This is where the entire class gathers to listen as      the teacher reads a story or explains an upcoming project. Children often      begin and end the day on the rug area.

  • Science: Plants, classroom pets, and aquariums are found here.      One child may plant a seed in a pot, carefully patting down the soil,      while another measures the temperature in the aquarium, a third feeds the      guinea pig, and a fourth examines a seashell. The teacher puts out      interesting objects from nature, such as leaves, rocks, and seashells, for      children to examine with a magnifying class, plus paper and markers to      draw them.

  • Outdoor playground: Outside, there will also usually be a safe, enclosed      area with structures for climbing and balancing, and balls of different      sizes to encourage large-muscle control and coordination.

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Preschool Tigers (Four-Year-Old Class) 

 (Ages 4 years old) 


Ratio 14:1 

Reg. Fee $75.00 

$90.00 weekly / $35.00 Drop In