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Welcome to Renees Kids World"Where All Children Excel!"

Welcome to Renees Kids World"Where All Children Excel!"Welcome to Renees Kids World"Where All Children Excel!"

Caterpillars (Infant Room)


The Infant Room has a soothing environment with soft music periodically, and areas that are defined. There are separate areas for sleeping, playing, eating, and changing diapers. 

Tummy Time is provided, both indoors and outdoors, so babies can explore the toys and objects that interest them and strengthen their muscles. All space is secure and open, with firm surfaces and babies are never in devices or carriers over 10 minutes.

Personal touches are added that are familiar to each child, such as family photographs.

The toys are simple, interesting materials that can be used in a variety of ways; baskets and pails that babies use to dump and fill, blocks, balls, in various sizes and made out soft materials. Objects are put out of the babies reach so they will learn to coordinate their movements to stretch and grasp the object.

Chairs, tables, and shelves are child-sized, sturdy, safe, and the right size for babies so they can be more independent as they start crawling or walking.

Infant teachers read, diverse, simple stories to the babies and provide them with sturdy board books that reflect their cultures and families.

Infants sleep and eat according to their own schedules. During naps, infants are placed on their backs in CPCS and ASTM approved cribs without blankets, toys or bumpers.

During feeding times, bottle-fed infants are either held or positioned sitting up and are fed on demand. Areas are provided for nursing mothers to breastfeed their babies.

Diapers are checked every 30 to 45 minutes, changed and documented.

The teachers plan experiences for the babies that nurture their growth and development.

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 Caterpillars (Infant Room)  

 (Ages 2 weeks – 12 months) 


Ratio 6:1   

Reg. Fee $75.00 

$130.00 weekly / $45.00 Drop In